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We used to collect milk cans with the help of a donkey or by bicycle.

We get up early, travel, study, try to outdo ourselves while remaining faithful to our roots, we care for the consumer, and we are ethically and socially engaged in environmental friendliness. Our artisan production began in a little cheese factory in Campobasso in 1963, and today our dairy products are present on supermarket shelves. Some people ask us how such a transformation was possible for a family of artisans. Well, it’s enough saying that dairy products require commitment and attention 24 hours a day and the Sassanos are the kind of people who never sleep.


Quality was his obsession. Both the tastiness of products and the hygiene of the milk were paramount for him. He specialised as a master dairyman in Caserta (near Naples) and soon he led the whole family down the road of dairy production.

Mom Marianna is one of those women who support the dream with great sacrifices, when they believe it can come true.

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Dad gave the first available fridges to breeders to better preserve the milk.

Concetta contributed with her studies in food technology, while Francesco contributed with his great experience in the world of distribution. Thus, in 1996 the Sassano brand was launched to conquer the Italian market. Know-how, immediate processing according to traditional recipes and freshest possible milk are the fundamental basis of the factory.

Curdling, spinning and finally selling: this is our day from dawn to dusk.