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Some people ask us what our job is. We answer them: "nù facèm le scamorze" (we make scamorza cheese)

Sassano family has been combining the craftmanship of a master dairyman from Caserta with the utmost attention to hygiene and food safety for more than half a century. This is our secret.

But what does a Fior di Latte taste like when it is produced with fresh milk with a low bacterial load?

We collect milk from the farms of molise on a daily basis. The milk is coagulated with selected milk enzymes to guarantee a top-quality product line in which the passion and flavours of molise tradition come to life.

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The milk must be processed as soon as it is milked if you want to make an excellent Fior di latte.

Finally, it is important to know that the water used for processing is no less important than the milk. The water from the Rio Freddo springs is certified as one of the best in Italy for purity, low sodium content and low mineral content.

The water starts out from uncontaminated springs and meets the curd here, in the valley.