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Our new cheese factory is an advanced model of total sustainability.

Sassano has not only taken up the challenge of the UN sustainability goals, but chose to go for the zero-carbon footprint. We invested in the creation of a system which combines existing technologies in an innovative way.
Our factory – the first and only example on the Italian scene – reduced enormously the consumption of methane gas, electricity and water with a collage of advanced technologies. This made us a model of environmental sustainability worthy of imitation.

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We have saved 40% on electricity and reduced emissions into the atmosphere.

An avant-garde production process was specifically designed for our cheese factory. It valorises the main by-product of the dairy industry – whey – turning it into biogas from which we obtain electricity, thermal energy and agricultural products.

Reliable deliveries, high standards of hygiene and health, and continuous technological innovation towards environmental sustainability have met the highest expectations of distributors, customers, and quality certification authorities.

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Our whey is transformed into water, electricity and thermal energy.

our cheese factory

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Growing while reducing environmental impact

Decrease of the consumption of electricity, water and methane gas to produce one kilo of mozzarella by at least 40% thanks to the synergetic use of innovation and technology.

By 2022

By 2022

Turning a by-product into an opportunity

Self-production of the electricity and thermal energy needed by the company through the transformation of serum. It is a renewable source of energy which is necessary for the production of mozzarella. Reduction of the CO2 emissions by at least 36%.